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Optimize your health and maintain it.

Personalized  Health Optimization plans based on your individual  test results and lifestyle requirements


With HOMe, you gain more energy and better health, which also helps lighten the healthcare system's load. It's a win-win for your health and the wider community.

Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe)

HOMe proactively manages your health. It thoroughly checks your health and crafts a personalized plan to optimize your health and maintain it as best as possible.

Not being sick doesn't mean you're healthy

Health care often only acts when we're already sick. However, not feeling sick isn't the same as being truly healthy. Health issues can develop quietly and become serious over time.

How do we Optimize your Health?

Metabolomic testing looks at the small chemicals in your body to see how well it's working.

Clinical Metabolomic Testing

Personalized health plan based on your test results and lifestyle requirements. 

Health Optimization Plan

Have regular talks to update and improve your health plan as your needs change.

Health Optimization Consultation

Use what you've learned to keep yourself healthy.

Step 5: Maintain your own Health 

Have regular talks to update and improve your health plan as your needs change.

Step 4: Ongoing Health Consultation

Get a personal health plan based on your test results and lifestyle requirements.

Step 3: Receive Health Optimization Plan

Do some tests to check how your body is working at the most basic level.

Step 2: Metabolomic Testing

Start with a chat online to discuss your health.

Step 1: Online Consultation

How does it Work?


Sophie Müller

"I must admit, I was initially skeptical about trying a new health protocol. But I was pleasantly surprised by the insights gained from the personalized plan. It opened my eyes to aspects of my health I had never considered before. The improvements in my energy levels and overall well-being were noticeable and quite remarkable. I'm grateful for this experience and the positive changes it has brought to my life."


Daan Bakker

"Initially, I balked at the price of the health program, thinking it was too steep. However, after experiencing the changes in my health, I now see the true value. The personalized attention and the significant improvements in my daily life have made every penny worth it. It's an investment in my health that I'm genuinely glad I made."


Marieke van Dijk

Elke consultatie biedt nieuwe inzichten en persoonlijke aanpassingen aan mijn gezondheidsplan. Ik voel me gehoord en echt begrepen, en de voortdurende aandacht voor mijn gezondheid heeft een enorme impact gehad. Ik ben Dr. Kuipers enorm dankbaar voor zijn deskundige begeleiding en toewijding.

What People are Saying

Our practice excels through teamwork, partnering with leading medical experts for comprehensive, advanced health solutions, ensuring personalized care backed by a vast network of expertise and resources.


Start your Health Optimization Journey now!

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